The Cyclone

In 1958, Buddy Holly and his bandmates bought three motorcycles. The others bought Triumphs, Buddy bought an Ariel Cyclone. The bike still exists and was owned by Waylon Jennings at the time of his death. I have owned this one since 1980. Here it is with my Sea Foam Green Strat ...

This amp is named in its honor, although it is more British in design than American, and is similar to the normal channel of the 15-Watt amp once used by the Beatles. It features controls for Volume, tone, master and cut. It has an EF86 preamp, 12AX7 Phase inverter, two EL84s in Push=Pull configuration and a 5AR4 Rectifier.

Cyclone heads are available direct for $900 Plus shipping. Combos are available for $1195 plus the price of the speaker of your choice.