The Winfield

A delightful british cake inspired by two British amp makers from the 60s

The Winfield

The Winfield comes in three different wattage ratings: 5, 18 and 30 watts. You can have it as a head, a 1x12" combo or a 2x10" combo.
The 5 watt version comes with a 6V6 single ended output - but it can also accommodate a 6L6.
The 18 watt version uses a pair of EL84s.
The 18/30 watt version has four EL84s.
All three versions have the same preamp, a Normal (dark) channel, internally jumpered to a Bright channel. Use one or mix both to suit your taste. A gain switch cascades channel one into channel two for an extra effect.
There is a full tone stack: treble, middle, bass. All three models have a master volume, the 18 and 30 also have a presence control.
All three amps come with a 5AR4 tube rectifier. A plug-in solid state rectifier is also available.
The amp is a blend of the two British amp makers from the 60s.

Policy Change effective 5/21/2018 - If you decide the amp is not for you after a seven day trial period, I will accept a return, but there will be a 20% restocking fee and you will be responsible for shipping both ways. Any damage will be deducted from the refund. Speaker cabinets are not subject to trial periods. They are considered a final sale.

Please note: If you touch the amp with a soldering iron or make any slight change to it without my okay, your warranty is voided.


  • 5 Watt Head :


  • 18 Watt Head :


  • 30 Watt Head :


  • 1x12 5 Watt Combo (Weber Silver Bell) :


  • 1x12 18 Watt Combo (Weber Silver Bell) :


  • 1x12 30 Watt Combo (Weber Silver Bell) :


  • Shipping charges not included